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Normandy for kids - English version

64 pages - 16x22cm - 7/12 year-old

Welcome to Normandy, welcome to Camille and Jade’s home. You will be going back in time with them, to explore the region’s many wonders, decipher the biggest cartoon in the world and understand the history behind the D-day landings. Step by step, one page at a time, you will discover the unique light used by fantastic painters, get to know Joan of Arc and William the Conqueror, and bump into a few stars along the seafront Planks. You will also be delved into the delicious world of cheese. So, fancy coming on a trip to Normandy with us?

Normandy for Kids - D-day-landings-in-Normandy, France
Normandy for Kids - Deauville and the american Film Festival - Normandy, France
Normandy for Kids - The Mont-Saint-Michel - Normandy, France
Normandy for Kids - Rouen and the Gros-Horloge - Normandy, France
Normandy for Kids - Cows and cheese - Normandy, France
Normandy for Kids -  Have fun discovering Normandy
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