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Paris Duo

playbook Paris + French conversation guide

You can have fun going to museums with them, strolling around Montmartre and discovering how the Eiffel Tower, the metro underground train and the croque-monsieur sandwich were created.

We visit the country and was introduced to the language. Swipe absolutely in your suitcase before leaving!

With the DUO PACK : Save money!

€16.90 instead of €18.80
Speaking French for travelling-I'm a girl-a boy-I'm 10 years old-my name is-what's your name-speaking French-Travel in France
French castels-Can I take a picture ?-speaking French-Travel in France
The eiffel Tower. Creation, total height
The Moulin-Rouge, the famous cabaret in the world. Yum, the croque-monsieur sandwiches, and the croque-madame.
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